♥ for today .

hayy yall . darh lme ta post smething here . doesnt know y . but nta laa nape ak terase na post smething here . hard to be explain . feel like kucha in here . deep here . skang still on exam . esok paper agme . yaw ! harsh . buku darh direbus n ditelan telan supaye masok all what i read it . hope lehh remember ~ act . ak na cer kgak sal kawan . mane na cari kawan yg btul btul always nan ite ? doesnt fishit wiv us , always laughin tghtr ghtr , when sadden fall kawan always beside us * ayt keling , ouu ~ really need them in my life . terase plak bile dga pasal owg mati mati niih . ta semesti nye owg tue tue ajep yg always die first . but yaw everyone will have their own death date ? we all hve it . but when ? tatao an ? maybe esok ? luse ? next week er ? sape yg tao . unly the god up there . o god . forgive us all .

ilyafdm ♥

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