sometimes it's better to be alone . no one can hurt you that way :')

can i be like them ? sweet all time ? feel the true kisses from my own superman :')
the truth is i'm scared to fall in love , because everytime i fall in love it never seems to last :')

ohh superman , come to me . bring me up there . tell me that you love me .
i want you but i'm scared to tell it . can you propose me ? post it on my wall it would be sweet to be like that . i'll accept it without thinking for a while . no ! i totally will accepting and say yess i do !
for you my old batman :')
i want you to know this , one day you'll regret of what you have done to me . one day you'll find out that you have lost the one who love you truly .
and now my decision is i want to find someone who can build back my heart and he'll take good care of my heart forever and willing full to wipe all my tear :')

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