fallin love :)

i'm fallin in love with the new one .
the new one ?
act . i want to falli  inLOVE again .
still dont have someone who can knock open my heart again .
i always thinkin .
thinkin bout him .
him , who the old one's . he's nice but , i cant force my heart to love him to much .
dulu , mmg ak mengaku yg ak mmg fallin with him .
but , now , it already became a past . 
na answer call iye pong already make me feel terrible . 
i cant face him anymore .
terlalu feel GUILTY terhadap ape yg berlaku .
ak just na happy like other .
cant i choose ?
kerane kawan , i still with him .
bcuz of his kindness i'm still beside him .
but , now , akhilang enn diri .
sory .
i cant .
if i can luving u  back .
i will .
but .
it already happen .

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