hati sudahKOSONG .

kosong ? macamane tuh ? kosong is empty . empty is kosong . oke then . shortit . i have an empty heart . my heart is not available for love now . saye masih mude . cinta still ta penting . it's unly for fun when i have coup . i act , still searchin . searchin for what ? searchin to someone who can love me as well . not to hard to me . can understand my problem . i can share my problem with my boyfie if he is a good listener and solver . if he just unly want to have fun to me . i'll do the same :) i don want somebody to perfect or pretend to be perfect or in the other nme , CALL HIMSELF PERFECT . just be ownself . pretend to be is just unly give a hard damn . be ownself :)

suke tengok kawan-2 yg single darh bercoup then hapy :) suke-3 . but me ? still searchin ! haha

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