i want to change everythingg !

gile ! aku tekadd . arghh . aku confuse lahh -..- tak tahu ape yang patut . haha *macam lahh seyez kes .
okengg . ape yang aku tekad nihh sebenarnyep ? macam yang aku dahh post dulu . patut tak aku cut hair aku nihh . erghh . benci aku rambut panjang . i miss my old hair . tapelahh . hari jumaat nihh aku pergi kedai oke ? alahai rambut . i would miss you . sabtu . of coz aku nak hang out !
act . i feel somethingg . i feel that you're not love me . are you just playing on me ? enough ! if you just making fun on me . please stopp ! i hate to be like that . and now . i start to feel that single is more better than having an affair with anyone . but i do love him enough . please . dont let me down if you truly want me dude .
i'm also have feeling . you know what ? i crying when i heard peeps say about you . but i never show what i truly feel . i kept it alone okee ! please make me happy babe . only you in my heart now .
one more thing .
you know what . 22 may 2011 . kau pergi kann ? and this date . cukupp one month kite coup . yess it's just one month not one year ! but this one month i'm truly feel love you ! erghh . aku tak tahu lahh kau ingat tidak bile kite coup nihh . yalahh kan . aku siape bagi kau . dia lagi pentingg kutt . -..-

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