rarely online : )

aku tahu aku tak perfect : )
hari nih second day aku puase : ) wee . lapar : ( tengok gambar atas tuhh . haha . saje nak buat sedap . itu muka aku . so what ? hee . tadi exam memang susah wehh . tapi alhamdulillah dapat jawab . tapi ENGLISH senang : ) lambat nyee nak berbuka : ( tadi balek ibu amek kann . memang sedap lahh kan ? tak perlu lagi berjalan jauh-jauh , tunggu bas setengah jam ,  TIADE LAGI SELAME SEBULAN :D
bile nak hang lagi nihh ? bored lahh tak keluar hang .

hold my word !
someday i 'll change myself and i'll prove to everyone who i am not like what you all just say ! hold it peeps ! look up , look down , look ! who are you same with me rite ? so , judge your ownself before you judge someone else . everyone has their own life . many secret appears slowly . how many deep you hide it , it can be read through your face . how much you wear your mask ? just take it off . it doesnt matter how your look . everyone would find their own partner . everyone would have their own bestfriend . everyone have their own imagination . everyone have their own fantasy . everyone have their own dream . let it just be dream . just a dream that cant be reality . how many times i hide it , many time it just reveal by itself . everyone can look through my face . full of answer . my mouth just say no , but my heart say yes . mouth are truly a liar . dont blame it , blame ourself why we cant be true ? just say it loud and loud what you feel toward him . dont keep it by yourself .

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