today is Tuesday :)

ohh heyy darla .
dear diary ,
     It's Tuesday of course and today i'm off from sch . hee . tibe-tibe jehh perut nak sakit kan ? nak buat macamane lagi . terbaring ajelahh : ) while waiting 7.20 , it's nice to write something in my blog . so here it is , after change the background , the hover and the song , i feel like to post something . dahh beberape hari aku single nihh . HATE TO BE SINGLE . untunglah Nad dahh dapat Azim lagi . aku ade jugak tergerak hati nak couple semula dengan Ady tapi dia banyak kali tanye soalan yg same so i decide , JUST FRIEND FIRST . trial lagi 2 weeks to go . OHHMYGOD ! tak study pun lagi nihh . err . takut doe .
To Muhammad Syazwan Bin Muhd Sharif .
   Untunglahh kau dahh REMOVE aku dedekat FB , sekarang kau memang dah tottaly make me missing you alot ! where are you now bie ? IMISSYOU T___T
nak berbuka dahh nihh . Got to go :')

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